Various media reports, including this one from the Los Angeles Times, are citing Obama administration officials in stating that the White House is planning on a significant executive action on immigration before the end of summer.  Details about that action such as exactly who would benefit and what the requirements might be have not been disclosed.  Further, these reports might just be a political tool to rachet up pressure on Congress to itself act on immigration reform.  But my guess is that Obama truly believes that the political winds are behind him in taking some significant executive action on immigration reform and that he is prepared to do so.  Such an action would put Congressional Republicans in a difficult situation:  the most conservative members would immediately call for impeachment of the President and condemn the action, further alienating a key constituency that mainstream Republicans are desperate to tap into for the future viability of the party.  Some commentators I have linked to on the G+ page believe that such an outcome could shape political party affiliation for decades.  A high-stakes political struggle is likely to play out as the summer winds down.