Pushed along by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), House Republicans have devolved into absurdity.  Taking a page from their 54 ineffectual votes to stop Obamacare, the Republican caucus delayed its five-week break just so it could vote late last night to deport unaccompanied child refugees at the border and deport long-established children living in the U.S.–the third time that House Republicans have voted to stop DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).  The message to the Latino community is clear and unequivocal:  1) Republicans have no compassion at all for the Latino community, even for its children; and 2) Republicans have no respect for the political ability of Latinos to punish them at the polls.  Beyond mean-spirited–Republicans know there is absolutely no chance for this legislation to survive the Senate or White House–the Republicans’ actions are absurd because they are counter-productive to solutions to the real issues at hand and because they torpedo any chances of the party acquiring the backing of the growing Hispanic constituency.  Republicans masquerade these actions as constitutional checks on the President’s alleged usurpation of Congressional authority.  The reality is that the Republican caucus is completely dysfunctional and have shown themselves unable to exercise their own authority.  If Congressional Republicans are truly upset that the President is taking action to address the country’s issues, then Congressional Republicans should address those issues with legislation that can actually be passed into law .  They can’t because an extreme right sub-set of Republicans believe it is anathema to enter into any compromise or support anything proposed by the President.  By now, that’s no surprise.  We saw it with Obamacare, we saw it with the fiscal cliff, we saw it with the debt ceiling.  The real head-scratcher is, after failing spectacularly on those previous issues, why the rest of the Republican party continues to allow itself to be dragged into irrelevance by the “Deportation Caucus“‘s scorched-earth tactics?