On April 29, 2010, Democratic Senators Reid, Durbin, Schumer, Leahy, Feinstein, and Menendez announced the Practical Answers for Immigration Reform (“REPAIR”) proposal, a 26‐page “framework of concrete bipartisan ideas” for immigration reform.  Intended as a starting point for discussions with Republicans, the proposal contains six principles:

1. Achieving Operational Control of America’s Borders to Prevent Future Illegal Immigration (Border Enforcement)
2. Detection, Apprehension, and Removal of Unlawfully Present Persons in the United States (Interior Enforcement)
3. Ending Illegal Employment through Biometric Employment Verification (Biometric Identification and Employment Verification)
4. Reforming America’s Legal Immigration System to Maximize American Economic Prosperity (High Skilled Immigration, Immigration of Lower‐Skilled Workers, Promoting Family Immigration)
5. Mandatory Registration, Acceptance of Responsibility, and Administration of Punishment for Unauthorized Aliens Presently in the United States (Registration and Legalization Plan)
6. Reforms to Enhance Efficiency and Effectiveness in America’s Immigration System (Miscellaneous)