August 8, 2006

In the run-up to November elections, Republicans vying for state offices are following what has become the national Republican strategy for re-election this fall.  The Tennessean reported yesterday that a press conference will be held today by “top statehouse Republicans” to discuss their “proposals on what to do about illegal immigration.”  The press conference comes two days before Marsha Blackburn, Republican U.S. Representative from Franklin, heads one of the House of Representative’s congressional immigration hearings in Brentwood.  Republican candidate for governor, Jim Bryson, kicked off his campaign against Phil Bredesen two months ago with a press conference on immigration (see earlier post).  Election season political attention on immigration will eventually alienate both sides that really care about the issue:  immigration advocates by the “get tough” posturing now and immigration restrictionists by unfulfilled expectations after election season is over.