October 25, 2006

Immigration has been hotly debated this year, greatly due to the fact that 2006 is an election year. A new website, Immigration2006.org, launches today with the purpose of observing the true impact that the immigration issue has on local and national elections. As described by its creators: “Immigration burst onto the political scene in 2006. While there are many forces at work that will shape the election outcome, the issue that could fundamentally realign politics is immigration. Immigration2006.org has been formed to bring together well known pollsters and policy thinkers who have been following how the immigration issue is playing in races across the country. Immigration2006.org will: analyze the impact of immigration on bellwether races at the state and federal level in the 2006 cycle; assess implications for legislation as the issue plays out in Congress in 2007; evaluate the short and long term implications of anti-immigrant platforms impact on the Latino vote; and offer insights on the political and demographic fallout of immigration on the 2008 election.” I will certainly be following this website, as I know first-hand that the outcome of this year’s elections will have incredibly significant ramifications for millions of immigrants.