Immigration reform has been all over the news since Obama’s re-election.  Groups in both chambers of Congress report that they are very close to releasing immigration bills.  Remember that the introduction of a bill is the starting point of the process.  Each chamber will debate their own versions of immigration reform and then, if both chambers pass their bills, a conference committee would be convened to iron out the differences between the two bills.  Finally, the conference compromise bill would go back to both chambers for a final vote.  So obviously, we have a long way to go, but all the momentum seems to be on the side of a new law.  THERE IS CURRENTLY NO NEW LAW.  BEWARE OF SCAMS ADVERTISING THAT A NEW LAW HAS BEEN PASSED OR THAT YOU CAN OBTAIN SOME TYPE OF TEMPORARY WORK PERMIT UNTIL THE NEW LAW IS PASSED.  THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN APPLY FOR AT THIS TIME.  This website will alert you as soon as something has actually happened.